1 October Notice Sheet

Notices for the coming weekScreen Shot 2014-02-19 at 16.09.26

Welcome to Charlie, Anna and John and their family and friends– Charlie was baptized during the 10.30am service this morning.

Cheryl and Kevin would like to thank everyone for their practical help, love and prayers at this time. It is much appreciated.

Fashion Show Tickets are now available for the fashion show on Wednesday 22nd November 7pm. You could buy for yourself and buy Christmas gifts for family or friends. How many tickets can you sell?

The Messenger. Any items for inclusion in the next issue due in November to Angela please.

Children Society Boxes Can you let Kathy have your Children Society boxes as soon as possible Thank You

 Mothers’ Union CHANGE OF DATE Our next meeting will be on Friday 6th October at 2pm in church when we will welcome our Mothers’ Union Chaplain Chris Humphreys with a talk on ‘Singing All the Way’ with audience participation. We would like as many members new and old to attend but also members of the congregation would be very welcome. Come along and join in with a happy afternoon of fellowship. The date change is because we will be away of the Rambling weekend on Friday 13th.  Thank you Heather & Eileen.

Kilimanjaro trek 2017 for Christie’s PBT The UK’s first Proton Beam Therapy Centre is under construction at The Christie, Manchester. It is the single biggest breakthough in the treatment of cancer, especially in young children in recent decades. Between 5th – 15th October a team of 13, made up of Architects, Engineers and management involved in the design will attempt to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro aiming to raise £30,000 to fund research into this new treatment. Our son, Kel, is a Senior Electrical Engineer on this project and will spend his 33rd birthday climbing!  Any donations would be most welcome. There will be a Sponsor Form in church or you can make an online donation/ see further information about this project at kilimanjaro2017.com  Many thanks in advance! Lynne Ross

Safeguarding training

The next date for parish volunteers to attend ‘Safeguarding training’ organised by the diocese is on Saturday 18th November at 10 am. You may book on-line on the diocesan web-site. If you intend going or have any questions please contact Ian Casson (Safeguarding Co-ordinator) on 0151 6252595.


Diary for the weekMP900309636


9am Morning Prayer



10am Open the book assembly, Infants

7pm Community Choir



9.30am Little Angels

10am Holy Communion

2pm First Wednesday Drop In



9am Morning Prayer

2pm MU in church



9.30am Church grounds gardening


Services Sunday 8th  October Trinity 17

9am Holy Communion

10.30 Celtic Open Door

6.30pm Celtic Evening Service


Prayers for the weeklarge_prayer-for-beginners-g13leaiz

Pray for the people of Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, South Sudan and Yemen.

Pray for the on-going work in Refilwe.

Pray for the work of Global Hope

Pray for the ongoing work of the Church Army

Pray for all those living in Douglas Road

Pray for all involved with the Brexit negotiations

Pray for all those affected by the severe weather conditions around the world and the Mexican earthquake.


From the Chester Diocese Cycle of Prayer:  Sixty years ago – 4th October 1957 – the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik 1, the world’s first artificial satellite of the Earth. The satellite was about the size of a beach ball (its’ diameter was less than 23 inches) and it weighed around 184 pounds. This small metal sphere with its distinctive four radio antennas took just 96.2 minutes to orbit the Earth on its elliptical path.

In the political climate of the Cold War this surprise achievement for Communist science was not universally welcomed. The United States response was the launch of its own satellite, Explorer 1, in 1958, inaugurating the ‘Space Race’ that extended Cold War competition into the ‘next frontier.’

Cheshire played a unique role in those ventures in that Jodrell Bank had what was then the world’s largest steerable dish radio telescope and was the only one in the world able to radar track Sputnik’s booster rocket.

Sputnik 1 spent three months in orbit and travelled some 43 million miles at a speed of 18,000 mph. It burned up while re-entering Earth’s atmosphere on 4th January 1958. Sputnik changed history by opening the path to the satellite technology we now all use.

There is a lot of co-operation nowadays between scientists of all nationalities and we continue to hope and pray that those who work for peace and friendship will always have the upper hand.

Graham Green, Christian Prayer and Spirituality Officer, Vicar of Helsby

Pray for all who now depend on satellite technology.

Pray for Bishop Danilo Labacanacruz Bustamante, Southern Philippines

From the Wirral Youth for Christ

Prayer Diary:  Pray for Paul and Zoe as they speak at COGS weekend away. Pray that the young people listen and hear the Holy Spirit ministering to them


For Healing and Wholeness

Monica Blatchly (St George’s NH, Wallasey), David Cleave, Kevin Coverley, Ian Gilmartin, Margaret Gilmour, Pat Haworth, Edna Heselton, Ruth Harrison (nee Johnson), Arnold Hughes, Audrey Johnson Jones, Pat Quilliam, Mair Rimmer, Heather Russell, Ann Sayle.

Friends and Family

Douglas Banks, Paul Byrne, Julie Callon, Edna Davies,  Jim Duncan, Alexandra Gittins,  Helen Evans, Miro Griffiths, Nigel Lawton, Catharine Lavin, Ada Jones, Peter Jackson (Bill), Jo Prescott,  John Pritchard, Michael  Renshaw, Godfrey Smith,  Sue Richards, Dave Roberts, Alex Tottey, Billy J Tottey,  Sky Webster.

Years Mind:  Michael Casson, Hugh Howden, Mary Williams, John Tottey


Bible Readings for the week12733-Bible_Devotional_Coffee.800w.tn

Monday: 1 Kings 12: 25 – 13: 10,   Acts 19: 8 – 20

Tuesday: 1 Kings13: 11 – end, Acts 19: 21 – end

Wednesday: 1 Kings17,   Acts 20: 1 – 16

Thursday: 1 Kings18: 1 – 20, Acts 20: 17 – end

Friday: 1 Kings 18: 21 – end, Acts 21: 1 – 16

Saturday: 1 Kings19, Acts 21: 17 – 36