Messy Church is time for all the family to join us for games, crafts, activities, fun, food and celebration.

Cost:  £3 per adult, £2 per child (Meal and drink included) 

We hold a Messy Church every other month:

Sunday 20th May 4pm to 6pm.

Then in 2018 on the following Sundays – 4pm to 6pm

25th March

20th May

Previously at Messy Church…

We have looked at the story of Joseph – of course we made a fabulous and very colourful coat.  We also looked at some of the dreams he interpreted for the Pharoah.  We built a prison.  The children also made a spectacular Lego Palance – complete with a prison.

(Picture coming soon….)


We have looked at the acts of Peter and Paul


We have retold the story of The Prodigal Son

We retold the story of The Prodigal Son (from Luke 15).


We have retold the story of Pentecost.

We retold the story of the Day of Pentecost (from Acts 2) when Peter, the other Apostles and believers of Jesus felt a strong wind come down from heaven and completely fill the house they were in.  They saw what looked like tongues of fire come and, and hover over their heads.  The crowd who had gathered around were amazed, and a little puzzled, as they could hear the Apostles talking loudly in the house, and they could understand everything they said.  Even though the Apostles were from Galilee, and the people outside were from many different places and spoke different languages.  Some of the crowd thought the Apostles had had too much wine!!

We all took part in the story telling making excellent sound effects including speaking in French, Spanish, Japanese, German and Chinese!

We completed different activities to learn different aspects of the Holy Spirit.  We made play-dough Fruit to represent the Fruits of the Spirit, we made firework pictures to represent the tongues of fire – and a beautiful collage showing all the things we learnt about.


We have had the Story of Joseph

as one of our themes at Messy Church.

We made Joseph’s colourful coat, we painted pictures of Joseph and his eleven brothers. We built play-dough and lego models of Pharaoh’s palace.

We thought about what it’s like to be jealous of somebody, or something (like Joseph’s brothers were jealous of him. So jealous that they sold him as a slave and told their Dad he had been killed).

We thought about what it was like for Joseph to be taken away to a strange place (Egypt) – far away from his family and how scared he would have been. We thought about how happy Jacob (his Dad) was when he realised that his son Joseph was still alive.

Potiphar’s wife had Joseph thrown in prison. We made a prison to see what it would have been like for Joseph. I think we had more fun than him!

(The Story of Joseph is told in the Book of Genesis Chapters 37 to 45).