Notices 10 March

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Spring Concert Saturday 16thMarch 7pm Featuring the Newton Community Choir and friends.

Tickets for this event are available from Angela. Price £6 to include refreshments.

The PCC will meet in church on Monday 11 March at 7.30pm

Annual Reports.  If you produce an Annual Report for a group or an activity can you please hand a copy to Ivor.  Alternatively reports can be emailed.  I would like to have these reports by Sunday 7 April so that I have time to include your reports into the Annual Report presented at the APCM on Sunday 28 April.  Thanking you, Ivor Rawlings.

 Giving Envelopes for 2019 are now ready to be collected at back of church.  If you can deliver for a friend, that would be very helpful.  Please let me know if your personal financial circumstances change and especially if you change address as I need to keep the records up to date.  Thank you to everyone for your continued support for St Michael’s during the last year. Betty Renshaw, Planned Giving Officer

Lent Courses. There are copies of this years the Lent Courses available at the back of Church.

There will be a dramatised production of Mark’s Gospel at the URCby actor Howard Jones at the URC on Sunday 7thApril as part of their lent offerings.  Doors open at 7.00 for a 7.30 start.   There are flyers at the back of church and if you would like some further details, please see Ailsa.


Please can you return your completed Electoral Roll forms to me as soon as possible. There is a box at the back of Church for the returned forms. If you are not on the electoral roll, I invite you to complete and Electoral Roll Application form. To qualify you should be baptised and be 16 or over, live in the parish and have attended services regularly within the last six months. You also qualify if you attended services regularly but live outside the parish.

More details can be found on the application forms that are in the library corner.

Jean Walters Electoral RollOfficer

Ailsa’s Priesting Update

Ailsa’s priesting will be on the Saturday 15thJune, Chester Cathedral at 5.00pm.  We need to be at the cathedral by 4.00pm and a coach has been booked to collect us from St Michael’s at 3.30pm.  We hope that as many in our congregations will be able to attend and support Ailsa on this important day.  Ailsa will then celebrate her first Eucharist the following day, Sunday 16thJune at 10.00am when there will just be the one service which will be followed by a parish “bring and share” lunch.

SAVE THE DATE:  There will be a Barn Dance this year with Harvest Supper – so please, save the date – Friday 4thOctober from 7.00pm.  More details will follow!


Prayers for the Week

Pray for all the people living in Foxwood Close

Pray for the people of Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, South Sudan, Yemen and the Congo.

Pray for the on-going work in Refilwe now known as LIV Lanseria

Pray for the work of Global Hope

Pray for the ongoing work of the Church Army

Pray for all involved at this critical stage of the Brexit negotiations.

From the Wirral Youth for Christ Prayer Diary.  Breakfast Church is on at Wallasey URC with MATT, and also IGNITE at Life Church in Bebington.

From the Chester Diocese Cycle of Prayer:Praying for Our Workplaces

Alas it’s a familiar story… Mike is a self-employed plumber.  His church prays regularly for his important role as a PCC member, but not for his and the many other local small business.  Sue is prayed for weekly as she leads Sunday school for 45 minutes, but never has anyone prayed for the 45 hours she spends teaching in a school.  The church thanks God for Dot’s work organising their social events, but barely notices her weekly volunteering in a charity shop.  Yet God is interested in every part of life: ‘whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus’ (Col. 3:17a).  The report ‘Setting God’s People Free’ seeks to inspire us to whole-life discipleship, encouraging each other to live out the good news of Jesus, and follow Him, with confidence, in all areas of our lives, Monday to Saturday as well as Sunday.  Intentionally praying for one another’s weekday work-life is a powerful and uplifting means to do this.

Pray for all whole Christian faith is both a witness and guiding influence at work, as they make financial decisions, appraise a member of staff, use their creativity, wrestle with an ethical issue, support a troubled workmate … or just labour hard to the end of the working day.  And if you are praying for someone you know – tell them!

Pray for Archbishop Zachary Masimango Katanda – Archibshop of the Congo & Bishop of Kindu.

For Healing and Wholeness. David Cleave, Ian Gilmartin, Margaret Gilmour, Pat Haworth, Ruth Harrison (nee Johnson), Arnold Hughes, Jean Hughes, Audrey Johnson Jones, Stan McLachlan, Pat Quilliam, Mair Rimmer, Heather Russell, Ann Sayle

Friends and Family. Paul Byrne, Edna Davies,  Jim Duncan, Alexandra Gittins,  Miro Griffiths, Catharine Lavin, Peter Jackson (Bill), Jo Prescott, John Pritchard, Michael Renshaw, Sue Richards, Dave Roberts, Alex Tottey, Billy J Tottey,  Sky Webster, George White, Alfie Whorton

Years Mind: Alison Yeats, Meg Radford, Sid Smith, Sybil Lockett, Jane Cooper, Isabella Scott, Ivy Makin, Lois Fitzsimmons, Margaret Crawley, May Mounsey, Peggy Keedwell, Kenneth Battle, Bert Broomhall


Diary for the Week


7.30pm PCC meeting


7pm Community Choir

Ash Wednesday

9.30am Little Angels

10am Holy Communion


7pm Spring Concert in Church


Services Sunday 17th March

Lent 1 Our attitude of thanks

9am Holy Communion

10.30am Cafe Church

6.30pm Evening Service

This week’s Bible readings

Monday: Genesis 41: 25 – 45, Galatians 3: 23 – 4:7

Tuesday:  Genesis 41: 46 – 42: 5 Galatians 4: 8 – 20

Wednesday:  Genesis 42: 6 – 17, Galatians 4: 21 – 5:1

Thursday Genesis 42: 18 – 28, Galatians 5: 16 – end

Friday:  Genesis 42: 29 – end, Galatians 5: 16 – end

Saturday:  Genesis 43: 1 – 1 5, Galatians 6