Notices 21 January

Notices for the coming weekScreen Shot 2014-02-19 at 16.09.26


Week of prayer for Christian unity services

Sun 21st January – URC joint service – 6.15pm (preacher: John Bleazard)

Monday 22nd – Riverway – 11am

Tuesday 23rd – St Agnes – 2.30pm

Wed 24th – St Michael’s – 10am

Thursday 25th – St Bridget’s – 1.30pm

SALE !! Christian Bookshop 25% off existing stocks books, Bibles, CDs and DVDs 20th – 27th January.

Palm Crosses. We need old palm crosses in order to make the ashes for Ash Wednesday. If you have any palm crosses that you would like to donate, please leave them at the back of church for Liz Tunn Thank you

Rambling Weekend St Michaels Ramblers  Our 3 night break (Friday 12 October 2018 to Monday 15 October 2018) is to Coniston in the Lake District. We are staying in the Holiday Fellowship Hotel which caters for both walkers and non-walkers. If you would like to join the group for the weekend you will be very welcome. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible by ringing Graham Wilkinson  625 6209.

Mothers’ Union & Parish Meal  Thank you to all Mothers’ Union members and congregation for making the meal on Friday 12th January, at The Ridger, such an enjoyable experience for us all and a good time of fellowship. Perhaps this could turn into a twice yearly event, Spring and Autumn/Harvest, your thoughts and comments would be welcome.  Thank you all for making it possible. God bless, Eileen & Heather

Mothers’ Union AGM  This will take place on Friday 9th February at 2pm in Chuch or Church Centre and will be followed by tea and cakes. We would like as many members as possible to attend. Thank you Eileen & Heather

SAVE THE DATE!  Ailsa’s ordination will be on Sunday 22nd of July and we are hoping that as many people as possible from St Michael’s will be able to join her at Chester Cathedral on what will be such an exciting day for our parish as we celebrate our first curate being ordained and beginning her ministry with usA coach has been booked to and from the cathedral followed by a celebration bring and share lunch in the Church Centre.  More details will follow nearer the time.  Please keep Ailsa in your prayers as she continues her journey.


Diary for the Week


9am Morning Prayer


7pm Community Choir


 9.30am Little Angels

10am Holy Communion – week of prayer


9am Morning Prayer

Services Sunday 28th January Epiphany 4

9am Holy Communion

10.30am Celtic Communion

4pm Messy Church



Pray for the people of Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, South Sudan and Yemen.

Pray for the on-going work in Refilwe.

Pray for the work of Global Hope

Pray for the ongoing work of the Church Army

Pray for all those living in Hillside Road

Pray for all involved with the Brexit negotiations

From the Chester Diocese Cycle of Prayer:  

Concorde’s first commercial flight The Third Sunday of Epiphany: Although the Anglo-French aircraft Concorde completed its first successfully supersonic flight in October 1969, it wasn’t until 21 January 1976 that the first commercial flight took place – on that day a British Airways’ Concorde flew from London to Bahrain as an Air France Concorde flew from Paris to Rio de Janeiro. A ticket on the Bahrain flight cost £356, only some £50 more than a first-class ticket on a conventional plane. It looked as if the era of supersonic flight had dawned – at least for those who could afford a premium rate fare. Despite its early promise, just 27 years after that inaugural flight Concorde’s commercial operation ceased.  Ever since that last scheduled service just why the plane failed to live up to its promise has been hotly debated. Some say it was simply too noisy and too fuel hungry. Others say the inherently conservative nature of airlines did for it – only 20 commercial versions were built and sold. Yet others point to unrelated incidents and accidents that dogged the plane’s reputation, culminating in a tragic crash in Parish in 2000 which cost 113 lives. Or perhaps it was simply that a plane designed for speed couldn’t compete in a market that more and more is about volume of passengers. Whatever the reasons Concorde stands as a tangible symbol of the difficulties of marrying technological advance and marketability. Pray for all whose jobs depend on the marketability of advanced technology.

From the Wirral Youth for Christ Prayer Diary: The team were at St Andrews Bebington on Sunday giving an update on the current work. Thank God for the relationship we have with this church.

For Healing and Wholeness  Monica Blatchly (St George’s NH, Wallasey), David Cleave, Kevin Coverley, Ian Gilmartin, Margaret Gilmour, Pat Haworth, Ruth Harrison (nee Johnson), Arnold Hughes, Audrey Johnson Jones, Pat Quilliam, Mair Rimmer, Heather Russell, Ann Sayle

Friends and Family  Douglas Banks, Paul Byrne, Julie Callon, Edna Davies,  Jim Duncan, Alexandra Gittins,  Miro Griffiths, Catharine Lavin, Ada Jones, Peter Jackson (Bill), Jo Prescott,  John Pritchard, Michael  Renshaw, Godfrey Smith,  Sue Richards, Dave Roberts, Alex Tottey, Billy J Tottey,  Sky Webster.

Years Mind:  Bryan Lucas, Lionel Thompson, Tom Stakes, Cherrill Davies, Arthur Worsley       


Monday:  Hosea 2: 18 – end 3, 1 Corinthians 9: 15 – end

Tuesday: Hosea 4: 1 – 16, 1 Corinthians 10: 1 – 13

Wednesday: Hosea 5: 1 – 7, 1 Corinthians 10: 14 – 11: 1

Thursday: Isaiah 56: 1 – 8, Colossians 1: 24 – 2: 7

Friday: Hosea 6: 7 – 7: 2, 1 Corinthians 11: 17 – end

Saturday: 1 Samuel 1: 19b – end, Hebrews 4: 11 – end