Notices 27 January

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Gardening in Church Grounds Saturday 2ndFebruary 9.30am. All welcome

Fair Trade Sale next Sunday

Pate, Poetry and Puds!  An Evening of Culture at St Michael’s

Ailsa is hosting the above evening on Thursday 14thof February when love will most definitely be in the air!  We are to be joined by local poet Alison Schultz who will entertain us with poetry from her recently published book “Eyes on the Bright Horizon”.  During the evening Alison will have a book signing when you will have the opportunity to purchase her book and meet with her.  Ailsa also hopes to be joined by a local artist and there will also be musical entertainment.  So why not blow away the cold dark nights and prepare for spring and join us for what will be a lovely evening. Tickets are just £5.00 and available from Ailsa and Angela with all profits going to the St Michael’s “Playing my Part” fund.  If you can help with baking for the evening, please see Ailsa who is also seeking prizes for a raffle.

Advance Notice – Ailsa’s priesting is Saturday 15thJune at 5.00pm, Chester Cathedral and she will celebrate her first Eucharist the following day.  More details to follow.


Prayers for the Week

Pray for all the people living in Covertside

Pray for the people of Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Pakistan, Kenya, South Sudan, Yemen and the Congo.

Pray for the on-going work in Refilwe now known as LIV Lanseria

Pray for the work of Global Hope

Pray for the ongoing work of the Church Army

Pray for all involved at this critical stage of the Brexit negotiations.

From the Wirral Youth for Christ Prayer Diary.  James is speaking at Moreton Baptist Church this morning. Please pray that his words are from God and may be a blessing to those who hear them.

From the Chester Diocese Cycle of Prayer:Health-promoting Churches

Fourth Sunday of Epiphany

Last December an international group of church representatives, convened by the World Council of Churches (WCC), met in Charlotte, North Carolina to work on strengthening efforts and tools for health-promoting churches. The aim was to encourage churches to integrate health work into their core ministry.

Dr Mwai Makoka, WCC programme executive for Health and Healing, said, ‘We have very good theological foundations for working on health. We are not at a point where we are questioning if churches and Christians should work on heath. We are well beyond that. The churches are ready. The momentum is there. So now, we want to develop tools to make sure churches and religious leaders who have their hearts in a good place, but who do not yet have a health ministry, that we can help outline different interventions they could make.’

The group worked on finding models for congregations to engage in issues of health, particularly in view of a rise in non-communicable diseases – which churches have proven they can effectively prevent.

A World Health Organization officer said, ‘Seeing churches as a setting to bring in a holistic view of health, to really promote health, is a very important task to take on. To not just talk to people when they are sick, but to talk about health in order to prevent people from getting sick.’

Extracted from the WCC’s website, where more details can be found.

Pray for congregations striving to promote health and well-being.

For Healing and Wholeness

David Cleave, Ian Gilmartin, Margaret Gilmour, Pat Haworth, Ruth Harrison (nee Johnson), Arnold Hughes, Jean Hughes, Audrey Johnson Jones, Stan McLachlan, Pat Quilliam, Mair Rimmer, Heather Russell, Ann Sayle

Friends and Family

Paul Byrne, Julie Callon, Edna Davies,  Jim Duncan, Alexandra Gittins,  Miro Griffiths, Catharine Lavin, Peter Jackson (Bill), Jo Prescott,  John Pritchard, Michael  Renshaw, Sue Richards, Dave Roberts, Alex Tottey, Billy J Tottey, Sky Webster, George White, Alfie Whorton

Years Mind: Fred Haworth, Enid Campbell, Mair Roberts, Fred Pethick, John Atherton, Denis French, Sue Kennedy, Nora Gouldson


Diary for the Week


7.30pm PCC Meeting in Church


7pm Community Choir


9.30am Little Angels

10am Holy Communion


9.30am Gardening in Church Grounds

 Services Sunday 3rdFebruary

Presentation of Christ

9am Holy Communion

10.30am Café Church

6.30pm Evening Service

This week’s Bible readings

Monday:Genesis 11: 27 – 12: 9, Matthew 26: 1 – 16

Tuesday: Genesis 13: 2 – end, Matthew 26: 17 – 35

Wednesday: Genesis 14, Matthew 26: 34 – 46

ThursdayGenesis 15, Matthew   26: 47 – 56

Friday:  Genesis 16, Matthew 26: 57 – end

Saturday: 1 Samuel 1: 19 –end, Hebrews 4: 11 – end