The Parish of St. Michael and All Angels Newton

The Parish of St. Michael and All Angels Newton

Minutes of the Meeting of the PCC held on 12th March 2018.


Those present: Revd. Cheryl Coverley (Chair)

Mrs. A. Lockett Dr. I. Rawlings    Mrs. G Hughes   Dr. I. Casson    Mr. J. Taylor   Mrs. L. Wilkinson      

Mrs. J. MacDonald   Mrs. E. Killey 

  1. Apologies for Absence.

   These were received from Mrs. M. Ross, Canon B. Renshaw, Mrs. S. Hargreaves, Mrs. L Tunn,

 Mrs. P. Stackhouse and Mrs. L. Roberts.

  1. Minutes of the PCC Meeting held on 15th

   These were approved by the meeting and signed by the Chair after one minor amendment was made.

 Report on the Deanery Synod Meeting held on 12th February.

   The report from the Deanery Secretary had been distributed prior to the PCC meeting, and was accepted by the PCC.

  1. Vicar’s Report.

   Cheryl told us that the Mothers’ Union had decided to disband in February as nobody was forthcoming to act as Branch Officers. Those who were in our M.U. can now join as Diocesan Members should they wish to do so. A final service is to be held in the near future.

  1. Safeguarding.

  Ian had copied the meeting with the latest Safeguarding Audit Review Sheets, and he went through these with the PCC. There had been no change in the scoring, but Ian was able to report that someone was now willing to take on the role of Children’s Advocate. When appropriate he will recommend that this person is appointed by the PCC. Some sixteen people had applied to be DBS checked, but there were others needing DBS checks whom Ian had difficulty contacting. Cheryl will help Ian ensure that all those needing checks undergo the process. Ian reported that all our leaders have now attended the training programme. After the APCM the newly elected PCC Members will need to be checked.

  The meeting approved Ian’s Audit and the Action Plan based upon this audit. The meeting reviewed and approved the Messy Church Risk Assessment and the Safety Notice supplied by Kate Smith.

  Lastly the meeting approved Ian’s Annual Safeguarding Report, to be presented to the APCM.

  It is noted that at some future stage the Diocesan Safeguarding Policy will have to be replaced by a National Safeguarding Policy

  1. Requests for Help from the Deanery.

  The Secretary had distributed two letters seeking help from the Deanery. These came from Howie Aziz for Wirral Refugees and Asylum Seekers, and from James Odgers for Wirral Besom. The meeting agreed to refer these requests to the Charities Committee.

  1. APCM Preparations.
    • Cheryl’s Report, the Warden’s Report, and the Deanery Synod Report.

 The meeting approved these inputs to our Annual Report.

  • The Financial Report for 2017.

  Julie presented copies of the Draft Accounts for 2017 to the meeting and explained them in detail.  The accounts show a welcomed turnaround in our finances, with a surplus of £3,548 (which includes a donation of £1,600 from Little Angels) against a deficit of £9.616 for 2016. This improvement has been largely achieved by church members joining in the “Playing my Part” initiative. This scheme will continue in 2018, and events are already being planned. After discussing Julie’s report, the meeting

unanimously accepted it, the motion being proposed by Angela Lockett and seconded by John Taylor.

(The nine of the fifteen PCC members present unanimously approved Julie’s Accounts).

    Cheryl then thanked Julie for all the work she had put into these accounts for us.

  1. Building Projects.

8.1. South Porch.

  Cheryl updated the meeting on the building work now underway on the porch. The foundations are now finished. However extra costs now need to be added to include a mechanism for opening and closing the doors. The concrete ring beam is now being repaired. Angela asked that the costs associated with the concrete ring be identified separately.  

8.2. North Porch.

   Angela has spoken to the builders, seeking their advice on what to do with the paving slabs in this area. She hopes that the rendering work can be completed within the time specified by the grant for this work.

8.3.  Broadband for the Church and Church Centre.

  There has been no progress yet on this. Angela will talk to Andy about this.

8.4.  Problems of Damage to the Car Park Wall.

  The end of the car park wall has now been cut off and finished off by the builders.

9. Any Other Business

(i). The Summer Fair.

  This is now to be renamed as the Spring Fair and will take place on Saturday 5th May, between 2 and 4pm.

(ii). Data Protection.

  The law in this area is changing. The Church of England has produced a two-page guide on this issue. Julie will send this to the Secretary for distribution to the PCC. Julie kindly offered to act in the role of Data Protection Officer for us, and the PCC is very gratefully accepted her offer.

Farewell to Retiring PCC Members.

 Cheryl thanked Gillian Hughes, Liz Roberts and Sarah Hargreaves who retire from the PCC after the APCM Meeting.

The meeting closed with Prayers

Dates of Future Meetings.

APCM: Sunday 22nd. April.

PCC:  The New PCC will meet on Monday 21st May.