The Parish of St. Michael and All Angels Newton

Minutes of the Meeting of the PCC held on 15th January 2018.


Those present: Revd. Cheryl Coverley (Chair)

Mrs. A. Lockett                      Dr. I. Rawlings                       Mrs. G Hughes                                                    

Mrs. L. Tunn                           Dr. I. Casson                           Mrs. P. Stackhouse                

Mr. J. Taylor                           Mrs. L. Wilkinson                   Mrs. J. MacDonald

Mrs. S. Hargreaves                 Mrs. L. Roberts                       Mrs. E. Killey 


  1. Apologies for Absence.

   These were received from Mrs. M. Ross and Canon B. Renshaw.


  1. Minutes of the PCC Meeting held on 13th

   These were approved by the meeting and signed by the Chair.


  1. Matters Arising

  Eileen has found someone suitable for cleaning the church centre. She is Mrs. Carmichael, and she now works from 2.30 to 4.30 on Tuesday afternoons. She is keen and does a good job in our centre.


  1. Report on the Deanery Synod Lay Meeting held on 6th November.

   The report from the Deanery Secretary had been distributed prior to the PCC meeting. The speaker, the Revd. Vivian Gisby, is Warden of Readers and Pastoral Workers. She asked everyone in our Deanery Parishes to look out for anyone ready to consider training as a Reader or Pastoral Worker, and to put them in contact with her.


  1. Vicar’s Report.

   Cheryl told us how much Bishop Peter had enjoyed his visit when he came to join us in the Celebration of Cheryl’s ten years with us. As part of the extra help being given to Cheryl, Bishop John has preached to us, and he will be coming again to preach in March. Lastly Bishop Keith will be attending the 10.30 Service on 4th February.

   Cheryl announced that following the success of the “Playing my Part” initiative which has brought the annual accounts back into credit, we will be having a “Playing my Part – Part II” this year.

   The meeting then proposed ideas for this which included:

        A Quiz Night               An Autumn Fashion Show                 A Treasure Hunt

        A Film Night               An Auction of Talents                         A Party Extravaganza II    

        An Art Festival remembering the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War

        (this will be on the theme of Peace and include a Poppy Waterfall) in the Week of Nov 5th.

        A Choir Concert.

  We should now start planning these activities.


  1. Safeguarding.

  Ian updated the meeting with the latest Safeguarding Status. He told us how many members of our groups (the PCC, Sunday Club, the Venture Group, Open the Book, the Creche and Little Angels) have been DBS checked, and how many have received training. This training dealt with how to be aware of issues, how to report incidents and how to manage groups.

  After the PCC elections Ian will have to identify those new members needing DBS checks.

  Ian was now updating the Equal Opportunity documentation.

  Ian has also been discussing Risk Assessments with Kate Smith.

  Although we have had our first Fire Safety Exercise, there is still work to be done identifying and training fire wardens. Ian will discuss this with Andy MacDonald.

  Lastly a Safeguarding Audit Meeting is planned for Monday 9th February.

  The PCC thanked Ian for all the hard work he has put in for us.


 Julie presented copies of the Draft Accounts for 2017 to the meeting.                                    Page 1.

The great news is that there has been a vast improvement in our accounts, and we have moved from a £5K deficit in 2016 to a £2.6k surplus in 2017. This has been achieved by having a £1K excess on the current account plus a generous donation of £1.6K from Little Angels.

  Julie told us that plate collections and gift aid has increased and there has been a small increase in planned giving. However fund raising events had provided a significant increase in our income.

 The full accounts are now being worked on, and Cheryl thanked Julie on behalf of the PCC for all she was doing for us.


  1. Building Projects.

8.1. South Porch.

  Angela reported that we have received £3.5K in donations for the porch and we have still to hear from two charities. Angela will tell the congregation of these grants directly and via the Weekly Notice Sheet and the Magazine. As we have some £28K to date the PCC decided unanimously to:

 (1). Proceed with the project and

 (2). Sign contracts with the builders allowing work to commence.

  This proposal had been put forward by Sarah and seconded by Eileen, before being unanimously approved by the meeting (with 13 out of 15 PCC members present).

 Cheryl hopes the work can start in March. Cheryl, John and Graham will form a small Action Group to liase with the builders. Cheryl will now inform the congregation of the decision.

8.2. North Porch.

   Angela has received a grant of £200 to improve the area around the North Porch. Ailsa’s husband has offered to reseal the black wall area, and render it with a brick finish effect. The project needs to be completed before next August. Angela is taking before and after photographs to show what has been achieved

8.3.  Broadband for the Church and Church Centre.

  The meeting approved the suggestion to get  broadband from Sky for £18 per month. Ian said that the  necessary safeguarding needs to be in place by using passwords to access the network. It was still hoped to offer help with mobile phones at the First Wednesday meetings although Age Concern could not help us directly.

8.4.  Problems of Damage to the Car Park Wall.

  The meeting discussed what to do about this problem. We do not want to remove the wall, so it was decided to remove the parts that have been knocked down, and make good the wall at either end. In future we could paint the top of the wall white to make it more obvious in the dark, and install road bumps (Sleeping Policemen) to prevent the car park being used as a short cut between Woodland and Queensbury roads.

           The meeting closed with Prayers


    Dates of Future Meetings.


PCC: Monday 12th March.

APCM: Sunday 22nd April.