Minutes of the Meeting of the PCC held on 12th June 2017.

Those present: Revd. Cheryl Coverley (Chair)

Mrs. A. Lockett                       Dr. I. Rawlings                       Canon B. Renshaw                                                    

Mrs. E. Killey                         Mrs. P. Stackhouse                 Mrs. G. Hughes                      

Mr. J. Taylor                           Mrs. L. Wikinson                    Mrs. M. Ross

Mrs. J. MacDonald                 Dr. I. Casson                           Mrs. L. Roberts

Mrs. L. Tunn              


  1. Opening Prayers,

    Cheryl opened the meeting with prayers and readings.

  1. Apologies for Absence.

   These were received from  Mrs. S. Hargreaves, Mrs. L. Wilkinson and Mrs. M. Ross.

  1. Welcome to New Members

  Cheryl welcomed our new members, John Taylor,Pam Stackhoise and Liz Tunn.

  1. Minutes of the PCC Meeting held on 13th March.

   These were approved by the meeting and signed by the Chair after a small correction had been made.

 Matters Arising

  (i). The grant application to the Steel Trust had not been successful. However a grant request for £25K was now with the Burbo Bank Fund, who would want to be the main partner in this project.

  (ii). Cheryl has discussed the very different quotes for the repair work on the concrete ring with our architect. He suggested that the high quote was due to the contractor not wanting to do a smallish job. We would do better by including the ring repair in the porch project.

 (iii). The faculty for the porch project has been approved and we will be sending the specification for the work out to three or four companies. We need to provide these quotes to  Burbo Bank if they approve our grant request. It is hoped to have the work completed for when the Bishop visits us in December on the tenth anniversary of Cheryl becoming our Vicar.

 (iv). Playing My Part activities. We had a very successful Film Night and a very successful concert on Saturday 10th June. Future events include a Summer Fair, Jumble Sale and a Treasure Hunt..

  1. Minutes of the A.P.C.M. Meeting held on 30th April.

   These minutes were appoved by the PCC and signed by the Chair.

  1. Vicar’s Report.

   The Lord’s Prayer Labyrinth Event had been very successful, with the pupils from the Junior School attending. Teachers from the school had been very appreciative of what we had done.

  A photo of the Prayer Pilgrimage has been sent to the Diocese.

  Last night’s Songs of Praise and the brief Churches Together A.G.M. had been successful.

  Looking ahead to the autumn we hope to hold another quiz and a Fashion Show using the same company as organised the Ronald McDonald Charity Event. This needs a deposit of £125, which the PCC approved.The Fashion Event is planned for November, and we need some 75 guests to make the event viable. We need as many guests as possible.

  The Quilters had to meet in church on Election Day as the centre was used for polling. They were very happy to use our church for their meeting.

  1. Safeguarding.

   Ian reported that four people had attended the training session at Daresbury on 20th May. The Diocese was now developing an on-line safeguarding programme.

  Ian was now looking at whether D.B.S. checks on parishionners working for other local organisations meant they do not have to have a second check for working in our Church.  Members of the “Ark” and “Open the Book” need to be assessed, as do all PCC members.

 People needing the D.B.S. checks have to have copies of the Equal Opportunities Booklet.

  1. Finance.

   Julie gave the PCC copies of a sheet showing the latest financial position (that is the end ofMay). Payments have exceeded income by £3K.

  We have just received our Gift Aid refund from the Tax Office and it was some 2.5K greater that last year. Our Playing My Part Events have started to bring money in with each event raising some £300.  Ken asked about charging for his Treasure Hunt. It was suggested we charge £5 for a family and £2 for an individual.

  1. Fabric Items.

10.1.  Lindsay’s Request.

  Lindsay Webster and Jennifer Rowlands have asked for a power socket by the Ark to make hoovering easier. The PCC were happy to include this in the work on the new porch. A power socket is needed in the new porch – to be used for a small Christmas tree for example.

10.2.   Sound System.

  Cheryl reported how the sound system keeps dropping out when in use. The PCC agreed to get Apple Sound to overhaul the sytem. John Taylor will contact them. Before Apple Sound come we need to list all the problems we have seen.

10.3  Removal of Unwanted Equipment for the Office.

  Kate Smith has asked about removing unwanted equipment from the office. This will now be discussed with Kate to see what she thinks should go.


  1. The Lay Conference at Swanick.

   Angela reported on the Conference ,which she and Heather had enjoyed attending.Many Churches have similar problems of attracting new members and in terms of using new approaches to attact new members, we appear to be in the forefront of trying out new ideas. Angela has written an article for the next issue of the Messenger.


  1. Problems of drug use in the South Porch Area.

  This problem has been reported to the police and the Community Bobby will keep an eye open.


  1. Any Other Business

(i). The Christian Bookshop in Birkenhead is having a sale at St. Andrews Bebington on Saturday 1st July. Cheryl will be putting a poster up about this.

(ii). The Churh Centre is in need of a deep clean, and the PCC agreed that this should go ahead. Local professional cleaners will be approached to do this work.,

(iii). As no one has offered to take over a real Christmas tree from Ken and Pam, Angela suggested considering an artificial tree. For example we have previously had a hymn book tree. This will now be considered.


           The meeting closed with Prayers


    Dates of Future Meetings.


Standing Committee: Monday 24th July.

PCC: Monday 13th September..