Those present:  Revd. Cheryl Coverley and 32 Parishioners.

The Annual Vestry Meeting.

1. Welcome and Apologies. 

  Cheryl Coverley welcomed all to the meeting.

  Apologies were received from fourteen parishioners.

2. Election to the Office of Church Warden. 

   One candidate stood for election: Dr. Kate Smith (proposed by Mrs. Eileen Killey and seconded by Mrs. Julie MacDonald). Kate was elected unanimously. Cheryl then congratulated Kate on her election.

The Annual Parochial Meeting.

3. Minutes of the last Annual Parochial Church Meeting held on 22nd.  April 2018.

   The minutes were unanimously approved by the meeting. They had previously been approved by the PCC. 

4. Electoral Roll

   Mrs. Jean Walters has revised the electoral roll which now has 113 members. Of these 77 reside in the parish and 36 reside outside. The roll was approved unanimously by the meeting (proposed by Mrs. Eileen Killey, seconded by Mrs. Joyce Jones). Cheryl then thanked Jean for updating the roll.

5. Annual Report and Audited Accounts for the Year Ending 31st December 2018.

5.1. The Annual Report and Accounts. 

   Julie presented the accounts, telling us that in 2018 our income was £86,910 but our outgoings were £92,244 giving a deficit of £5343K, which reduced to £4483 after making the appropriate transfers between funds. Our planned giving has increased by some £2K but our income from gift aid reduced by £1K this year. We have paid our Parish Share in full this year, and we have paid the costs associated with Ailsa’s work as our Curate. This year we have had to pay more for electricity and insurance. We are also now paying for an office telephone and broadband.

  The Church Centre continues to do well, and still pays for itself despite the loss of one regular user.

  Our fund raising events continue to be a great help, and more are planned for this year.

  Julie then thanked Graham and his counting team, Betty for her help with planned giving and gift aid, the Wardens who count our giving income, Mrs. Sarah Kershaw our independent examiner, and the MacDonald family for putting up with the presence of all the accounting paperwork.

  Lastly Cheryl thanked Julie for all her work as our Treasurer.

5.2. The Church Wardens’ Report. 

  Angela talked of her dream that our Church will still be here in fifty years’ time. She thought that we were all kind to each other, and that our door is always open to all and that we make everyone welcome. She thought that we were all open to hearing and following God’s will. .However the numbers of volunteers and helpers at our fund raising activities was getting smaller as we were all getting older. We are not here to serve ourselves, we need to be a team and work together. We must respect tradition but at the same time be open to new ideas . Lastly Cheryl thanked  Angela and Eileen for all their work as Wardens.

5.3 Safeguarding Report.

  Ian’s report was read by Cheryl as he was absent. Ian has put the posters on Safeguarding up in the porch.

5.4. Deanery Synod Report.

  Ivor thanked Eileen, Cheryl, Ailsa and Betty for the support that they have given to the Synod. He also thanked

Angela and her helpers for the catering they did when the Synod met here on 20th November.

6. Election of Three New Members to the Parochial Church Council (to serve 2019 – 2022).

  There were three candidates for the three vacancies on the PCC, so these candidates were duly elected unanimously. They were as follows: Mrs. Sarah Hargreaves (proposed by Dr Ivor Rawlings, seconded by Mrs. Angela Lockett )

                          Mrs. Elizabeth Hardman (proposed by Mrs .Jo Rawlings, seconded by Mrs. Heather Coppack)

            and       Mrs. Kathy Runham (proposed by Mrs. Lesley Wilkinson and seconded by Mrs. Dot Garner).

  Cheryl congratulated the new members on their election.                                                                             

7. Election of an Independent Examiner.

   The meeting unanimously approved the appointment of Mrs. Sarah Kershaw as our Independent Examiner , (this being proposed by Mrs. Joyce Jones and seconded by Mrs. Anne Laȉnas).

8. Additions to the Sidespersons’ Rota and other Rotas.

Cheryl asked anyone who felt that they could help out on any of the rotas to let her know. 

9. The Vicar’s Report.     

     Cheryl started by playing the Countdown Theme, and then read Ecclesiastes 3,1-8 before asking us the meaning of these two items. She then went on to explain that there are times and seasons in the world around us, and how what may be needed now is a fallow time. We live in a society which is constantly on the go, and we have lost God’s rhythms, a day of rest – one out of seven to be different. We have fruit and vegetables from all over the world whenever we want them and so we tend to lose sight of God’s seasons, of new life, blossoming, harvest and a period of dying down and fallowness

      One thing that Cheryl has learnt is to hold on to God in fallow times. We are God’s children and we need to work to his timetable, not ours.  This is true of our life as a Church Family we, be can be under the thumb of the countdown clock or live by God’s rhythms. What might appear to be a fallow time is actually a time of replenishing, refilling, restoring, renewing, a time of recovery and preparation. It is an opportunity to deal with some of the things that are holding us back from being what God intends us to be, and doing what God intends us to do.

    As a Church Family, we have been through many seasons together, Cheryl encouraged us to move through the present season allowing God to replenish, nourish and feed us, and prepare us for whatever season God has ahead for us.

10. Vote of Thanks.  

    Cheryl first thanked Angela and Eileen, our wardens for all the work they had done for the greater good of God’s church in Newton. In particular the Wardens were thanked for their work on the new porch and their work in the Church Centre.  Cheryl then thanked Graham and John for their support to the Wardens on the Porch Project. She next thanked

Ailsa, our first curate, whose introduction to life as a curate has been rather different from the norm. Cheryl was also very grateful to the support given by the Revd. Lindsay Owens and other clergy and readers from the deanery.

   Then Cheryl thanked the PCC members, in particular Julie our treasurer, Betty our planned giving officer and  our secretary. She thanked all those who help with the cleaning, the coffee, the gardening, the flower arranging, and all those involved with our accounts.

  Next Cheryl thanked Martin and Anthony our Readers for their help and encouragement, Liz our Sacristan and all the Chalice Administrators. She thanked those who help with the Taize Services, the Sidespersons and Deputy Wardens, all those who help with the Ark, all those contributing to the music, Ian for his work with the screen and everyone who helps him. She then thanked all those who work with children, the Open the Boo0k Team, those helping with schools initiatives such as Experience Christmas, Sunday Club, the Ark helpers and leaders of Venture and the Volunteers of Mike’s Club in the Junior School .Cheryl thanked Julie, Sally, Ellen and Andy for their musical contributions and wished Ellen a happy retirement. 

  Cheryl thanked all those whose work is unseen, those preparing the coffee, Pauline and the cleaning teams, Anne and the gardening team, Lesley and the Flower Team, Pam for preparing the Weekly News Sheet, Graham and his counting team and Angela for the First Wednesday and many other social events. She then thanked Heather and Eileen for organising the Summer and Winter Fairs.

  She next thanked Sarah and Sadie for their work with Acts 435, Ian for looking after Safeguarding. Then she thanked Julie and all who help her for all the financial work and Jean Walters for the Electoral Roll work.  

  Cheryl thanked Peter for his work with the St. Bridget’s Educational Trust ,and everyone who have submitted annual reports.

  To everyone who attends Church and supports our Church Life – Thank you and keep going.

11. Kate’s Remarks.

  Kate Smith, our newly elected Warden said that Cheryl had been an inspiration in the last year, and how well she had coped with her grief. The Church is about love, not just numbers. She thanked all who had helped Cheryl and all who 

 had helped to keep the Church going during Cheryl’s bereavement. The Church is about growing in love, not just growing in numbers.

                               The meeting closed with the Grace..

    The new PCC will meet on Monday 17th June in church at 7.30 pm.

    The Archdeacon’s Visitation will be held at Saint Paul’s Seacombe on Wednesday 8th May at 7.30pm.      

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