Holy Communion September 2020

We will hold services of Holy Communion from 2nd September 2020 on Wednesdays and Sundays at 10am.

There will be 48 seats available. If more people wish to attend these services, we may need to consider a booking or rota system. Some people may choose to come on a Wednesday when we normally have between 20 and 25 in the congregation.

Doors and windows will be open and everyone will need to wear a face covering (and probably a coat!) unless their medical condition negates this.

We will need a sidesperson at each service to log people into and out of church for contact tracing purposes. Those details will be kept for 3 weeks.

Service cards will be placed on the seats, with a separate set for Wednesdays and Sundays.

There will be no sermons in church for the time being. The Sunday sermons will continue to be published on the website.

Clergy will sanitise their hands before the eucharistic prayer and will only handle the priest’s wafer during the prayer. The other wafers will remain in the covered ciborium. They will sanitise their hands again before distributing the wafers to the congregation, as well as after the distribution.  

The congregation will be invited to the rail to receive their wafer one at a time at the direction of the clergy. The wafer will be dropped into the open hand. If there is any contact at this point, both the clergy person and the member of the congregation will need to sanitise their hands. Face coverings can be removed to consume the wafer but must be replaced before leaving the communion rail. Distribution of the wafers will therefore take a longer time than previously.

We need to continue to social distance at all times in church.

This is a new way of holding services and we need to learn how this will work in practice. We can expand what we do in the future, but it is better to move slowly than be over ambitious. We may well need to adapt our routines and expectations, and the situation will be under constant review.

These communion services are also dependent on Cheryl remaining well and not having to self isolate. Should this be the case, we will aim to  open church for private prayer.