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Spotlight Charity:  Global Hope Network International (GHNI)

Who are they?: GHNI began a project in 1999 to help an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan. This effort made such an impression on the nearly three million refugees that stories are told all over the region about the big hearts of our small team.
That first project set the stage for additional work and the official launching of Global Hope Network International, “Bringing help and hope to the hidden and hurting.”
Since then, over 100 other projects have opened doors to bring sustainable and transformational assistance to communities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. And through all of that we learned our method of Transformational Community Development.
In 2012, GHNI was given special consultative status by the United Nations.

Latest Newsletter

Vocational Training Programme, Jordan

Today, I sat in a group of 30 women and was undone by the beauty of their lives and in awe that my story would become entwined with theirs. We worked our way through discussing child brides. We talked about how a girl should go to school and shouldn’t be married off at fifteen. We talked about how much value women hold. We talked about how mothers can speak life into their daughters.

The 45-year-old woman sitting next to me was married off by her family at the tender age of 14. She told me about how scared she was and about how much she loves her husband. It felt sacred.

All the while, the words of Barbara Brown Taylor were brought to mind:

“Wearing my skin is not a solitary practice but one that brings me into communion with all these other embodied souls. It is what we have most in common with one another. [We] are called to honour the bodies of our neighbours as we honour our own. In his expanded teaching by example, this includes leper bodies, possessed bodies, widow and orphan bodies, as well as foreign and hostile bodies–none of which did he shield away from… He speaks the language of flesh.”

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

Facing the Unbearable: Refugees in JordanGHNI-1

Families Adopting Families

Fleeing from Iraq in the night 19 months ago, this precious family was desperate and without options. Their daughter, Annabelle, is eight years old and suffers Leukemia. She started treatment in Iraq and still has a year of treatment to go. This family, like any other Iraqi displaced family, has become refugees. They left good jobs and all that they owned to avoid death at the hands of a violent faction. They are now living day-to-day and can’t work or provide for themselves. Life here is safer, yet it’s still quite difficult and challenging.

This family left Homs, forced out by military gangs.
GHNI-2The older gentleman served 30 years in the Syrian military. One night, he sent his family away and stayed to protect their home. He went towards his neighbour’s home and saw the military gangs round up his friends and neighbours. He hid on the roof of his neighbour’s house in Homs and heard the military gangs shoot 37 of his friends and neighbours in one room below him. They then poured fuel on the bodies and burned them in the room. He hid on the roof for five hours in the freezing cold, with the fire and stench of burning bodies spilling up towards him. These people have seen things no one should ever have to see!

GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader


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Julie MacDonald (on behalf of the Charity Giving Group)