The Parish of St. Michael and All Angels Newton

Minutes of the Meeting of the PCC held on 16th September 2019.

 Those present: Revd. Cheryl Coverley (Chair).

Revd. Ailsa Whorton, Dr Kate Smith, Dr Ian Casson, Mr. Ken Stackhouse, Mrs Pam Stackhouse, Mr John Taylor, Mrs. Julie MacDonald, Dr Ivor Rawlings, Mr. Peter Hinton , Mrs. Liz Tunn, Mrs. Julie Simpson, Mrs. Sarah Hargreaves, Mrs. Elizabeth Hardman, Mrs. Kathy Runham, Canon Betty Renshaw and Mrs. Eileen Killey.

 1.Apologies. As all members of the PCC were present there were no apologies.

 2. Minutes of the PCC Meeting held on 17th June 2019.  These were approved by the meeting and signed by the Chair after two changes had been made.

 3. Matters Arising. Betty told the meeting that tomorrow (Sept. 17th) she will be attending a meeting concerning the appointment of the new Bishop of Chester.

 4. Minutes of the Standing Committee Meeting held on 9th. July 2019. These were approved by the meeting. The next meeting of the Charities Committee will be arranged after this meeting.

 5. Vicar’s Report.  Cheryl has been encouraged by the number of new people appearing in Church. There has been a good response for Cheryl’s letter asking for more skills and resources. There is to be a new Quarterly Church Magazine, which will be sponsored by Stuart and Rose Wilson and edited by Liz Jarvis. Parishioners will be asked to provide inputs for this.  There now is CCTV at the Vicarage, but unfortunately it does not yet show who is at the front door.  Last week there were three unauthorized incidents of lorries parking in our church car park. There were two council lorries involved with painting white lines (presumably related to the Round Britain Cycle Race). The drivers said they thought  that our car park was a council car park. Then a Tesco’s delivery van parked there and lastly two removal lorries parked there. It was agreed that some form of signage was needed to say that the car park was for church and church centre users only.

 6. Curate’s Report. Ailsa had provide her report with the agenda. Additional items to report were her attendance at a meeting to elect the new Bishop of Chester and her temporary withdrawal from formal academic studies.

 7. Support for Cheryl. Cheryl thanked those giving her ongoing support by having the girls overnight.

 8. Safeguarding.  Ian reported that we are up to date on DBS checks and that there is one more declaration to come in. Ian asked for information on the recent staff changes at Little Angels so that all necessary people can be DBS checked. Ailsa will advise Ian on this. The group now has twenty two children attending. Ian also asked that he be informed of any newcomers to other groups who may need DBS checks to be done. The next activity that Ian will be concentrating on is training. Information on training opportunities for volunteers will be displayed on the noticeboard. Refresher courses are now underway. Cheryl has attended one and next there are to be courses for Lay Preachers and Lay Readers. Ian suggested that the PCC send someone on a Volunteers Appointments training course. New guidelines will be available for DBS checks. Lastly the meeting considered the need for any checks necessary for a Santa should one be found for the Christmas Fair.

 11. Financial UpdateCheryl has sent her letter out to the congregation telling of our financial difficulties, and to date the response has been encouraging offering new ideas and services as well as more money. One suggestion was to use Gum Tree where 10% of sales will go to the church, and using Amazon where 0.5% of the purchase price can be given to us. Other ideas put forward included collecting unused foreign currency, accepting scrap jewelry, a car treasure hunt and a Burn’s night supper. Cheryl reported that she has been given a bike that we can raffle.

There is good news on the church centre where a Tumble Tots group has taken over the gap left when we lost the Baby Sensory group.

Ailsa mentioned that retired bank employees are able to participate in a pound for pound charity donation scheme (for which Elizabeth could be eligible).

Julie MacDonald presented the September accounts to the meeting. Although at this stage of the year we show a surplus of £317, Julie predicts we shall end the year with a deficit of some £12,633.

The meeting then discussed leaving the church open for so many hours each week to enable us to receive money from the National Church Maintenance Fund. In addition the General Synod has asked that churches be kept open to offer a safe place for children after school closes. The meeting discussed this but it suggested that rather than having to move vulnerable items from the main church, we should consider opening up the porch. It was suggested that we put a Cross and reading materials in the porch. Cheryl will look at the possibilities of doing this.

 12. Quinquennial  and Other Building Tasks. Kate has had the leaks on the church and the church centre roofs repaired. She has been given an estimate of £6K for having the roof timbers painted. If we can raise £3K we can seek funding for the rest of the cost. After further consideration and discussion, Kate has decided that the tree roots mention in the Quinquennial Inspection Report do not represent a problem in need of  attention in the immediate future. Planters have been installed on the South Porch and the rest of the work will be completed soon. A Co-op grant can then be applied for. The congregation will be asked for donations for purchasing plants to fill our new planters. Cheryl pointed out that there is a “No Smoking” sign in the new south porch Portable appliance testing will be considered as part of a Health and Safety Review at our next meeting..

 13. Fund Raising Events. Meetings this week will plan the Harvest Supper & Barn Dance (being held Oct. 4th), and the Creativity Week-end (being held Oct 18th – 20th ). Liz is providing apples for the Supper.

Cheryl suggested trailing the idea of a “Craft Café”, which if successful could be held on church on Tuesdays.

Sarah told of progress on her Auction. Her request for donations have only had a limited success so far. Julie Simpson offered to hold a dinner for six,. Sarah will asked the congregation for more donations. Friday 22nd. November is the date suggested for the Auction.

The Auction should be advertised at the Christmas Fair. An admission fee would cover tea and a cake refreshments. There will also be a raffle.

 14.  Any Other Business (i) Peter asked that applications for funding from St. Bridget’s Educational Trust be sent to him before the next meeting of 19th October.

(ii). The meeting approved Anne’s request for a water butt on the South side of the church. John will discuss this with her.

 15. Future Meetings: The PCC will meet in church on Monday 18th November.