St Michaels has been running Alpha and Christianity Explored courses for the past 5 years. Most of our courses have 5-10   participants. They are suitable for anyone wanting to find out more about Christianity or those wanting to deepen their faith. We work in collaboration with other West Kirby churches – all our courses to date have had members who joined in having enquired first at their own church. Many attendees though do not go to church.

Though this is a serious subject, we try and make the learning and exploration both relaxed and fun. The views below represent all the feedback we have received. We are committed to publishing in full (as far as we are able to) all the feedback we receive so that we can paint as accurate a picture as possible of what the course is like.

What made you decide to attend Christianity Explored?

Gareth wrote:  I was searching for meaning, understanding and purpose in a complicated and contradictory world. I believe we all have a spiritual part to our being and we seem programmed to explore this or blot it out with other things.

Roger wrote:  “After the death of my beloved wife in 2010 I needed help in coming to terms with my devastating loss and felt that returning to an active participation in church and prayer could help. I thought the course could be a sensible first step.”

Maxine wrote: “ I originally decided to attend Christianity Explored as I have always wanted to gain further knowledge about the meaning of the Bible.

A “Wobbly deist with strong Christian leanings” wrote: “I wanted to “Give Christianity a go” as I did not fully understand it.”

AG of West Kirby wrote: I attended the Christianity Explored workshop because, although a regular churchgoer, I felt my understanding of the “basics” of Christianity was sketchy, and also got “stuck” and put off when reading the Bible.

How helpful was the course to you?

Gareth wrote: . It seems a while a go now, but it was definitely helpful and thought provoking.

Roger wrote: The course was extremely helpful.

A “Wobbly deist with strong Christian leanings” wrote: Extremely. It made me realise

what the term “sin” actually means.

Maxine wrote: The course has been extremely helpful to me, as it has enabled me to understand more, at a pace which I feel happy with.

AG of West Kirby wrote: The course was welcoming, and well structured. It was a safe place to either ask questions, or just sit and listen.

What did you like most about the course?

Gareth wrote:  Discussion with other people who are trying to find a path; and those who have. Also,the chance to ask questions.

Roger wrote: The course content, meeting the other friendly and interesting participants doing the course and to the skilled and relaxed tutoring by Anthony and his helpers, Rose and Carolyn. I also found the lovely meals we were served so enjoyable and so greatly appreciated and gave us a great chance have a relaxed chat with everyone.

A “Wobbly deist with strong Christian leanings” wrote: The open discussions and  the feeling that we were learning and growing together. That we were all involved in something of vital importance in our lives.

Maxine wrote: For me, the thing I really liked about the course was being able to talk about various topics, without feeling pressured or embarrassed if I didn’t understand. It has given me the chance to understand the meaning of Christianity a lot more, although I still feel I have more to learn. I also felt very welcomed into the group and enjoyed speaking to others about their views and beliefs.

What would you change?

Gareth wrote: I found some of the parts about evidence for believing less helpful. Historians and archaeologists confirm to most peoples’ satisfaction that a certain Jesus walked upon the earth all those years ago. The real question is was He the son of God. I don’t believe this is a matter of concrete evidence but one of faith where proof comes from an ongoing and developing relationship with Christ and the Father – if you put the effort in!

Roger wrote: Nothing

A “Wobbly deist with strong Christian leanings” wrote: I would add a section where a person can learn about false prophets and charlatans as a “New” Christian could make all sortsof mistakes.

Maxine wrote: I don’t feel anything needs changing about the delivery of the course. Perhaps more lessons in the future as I still feel quitenew and would like to learn more.

Would you recommend attending this course?

Gareth wrote:  I would recommend this course and specifically the course as held at St. M’s. There are a couple of little, local miracles going on here.  Every week people cooked and served and supported the group for no reward. This was done with such good grace and in such an open hearted way, making no judgement of anyone, their attitude or motivation. You might say any group of Christians at any church would do likewise but there was definitely something a little special here. Secondly, the amazing people delivering the course. St. M’s congregation and ministry are blessed with some incredible academics. To me it makes a mockery of those who dismiss religion intellectually as a fairy story when we have top physicists, medics and other intellectuals who beg to differ.

Roger wrote: Yes most definitely especially for anyone like me as a lapsed Christian wishing to explore Christianity and help me become more active in prayer and church attendance. The course has proved successful in this and I am so pleased that I went on the course.

A “Wobbly deist with strong Christian leanings” wrote: I would recommend the course to anyone who wants an honest and fair assessment of Christianity and wanted a greater understanding of life than the ignorant, snide and glib sneering of the aggressive atheists in our society

Maxine wrote: I would recommend anyone wishing to learn more about Christianity to go on the course. It opens the mind, and I have found it to be a very valuable and interesting experience.

AG of West Kirby wrote: If you are even slightly interested in going, I would thoroughly recommend taking a leap of faith and signing up!

If you could sum up the course in a single word or phrase, what would you say?

Gareth wrote: Hopeful.

Roger wrote: Very rewarding and enjoyable.

A “Wobbly deist with strong Christian leanings” wrote: Fill your heart with wisdom, truth and understanding. Learn the truth about the most important human in history. Get a real life.

Maxine wrote:  Extremely interesting course, definitely for those who would like to study more about Christianity, even if they are not sure about their   beliefs.

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Our next course at St Michaels starts on Tuesday October 2nd 2012 and will run for 10 weeks (till Tuesday December 4th).The evenings begin at 7pm with a complimentary cooked meal provided by the ladies (and sometimes the men!) of the parish.

We finish promptly at 9pm. If you would like to join us, or find out more, call Cheryl on 0151 625 8517 or email us at